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  • You must optimise your website for mobile devices. Use a Responsive Theme or install a Responsive plugin that will adapt the view of your site to suit the device being used
  • Check how your website appears using alternative browsers to confirm it displays correctly – Google Chrome, Bing, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Use browsershots.org to easily run a test on your website across multiple browsers
  • Ensure your logo or company name appears on the top left-hand corner of every page and links to your homepage when clicked
  • Install the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to assist you to write better content by focusing keywords in your articles then using those keywords across article titles, descriptions and headings. This plugin will also create a sitemap for your blog and pages
  • Install the Google Analytics plugin to simply track and measure visitors and engagement to your site
  • Install the Akismet plugin to prevent spam comments on your blog
  • Install the WordFence plugin to add basic security from hackers
  • Install a Sitemap plugin and place a sitemap on your website to assist with SEO (if not using WordPress SEO by Yoast)
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools to ensure Google can read your website’s content and list your site in search rankings
  • Test the time it takes for your webpages to load – visitors will leave your site if pages take too long to load. Use webpagetest.org to run a free test and view recommendations for optimisation
  • Optimise your domain name to maximise SEO – register your domain name for as long as possible or your provider will allow; regularly update the contact details of registered parties; and ensure you have your own IP address (not shared with another)
  • Add and update content on your site regularly. Your SEO will be negatively affected if you do not update your site for long periods
  • Optimise the titles and tags of all images, videos and media for SEO. Generally media titles should meet the following standard: BusinessName_Location_PrimaryKeywords.FileExt.                                                                  Eg: MarketingWest_Perth_Marketing_Logo.jpg
  • Always include details for Alt Text – these are the words (alternative text) that are displayed if an image will not present. Again, use the above standard to build SEO
  • Use a free link checker such as brokenlinkchecker.com to identify there are no internal or external dead links on your site
  • Check there are no errors in your website code by using a free code validation tool such as W3C Markup Validation

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