Tips for optimising your Twitter profile






  • Complete your profile
  • Include a bio with a call-to-action – maximum 160 characters
  • Update your avatar – 400 x 400 pixels
  • Upload a header image that includes your contact details. Use programs like Canva to assist you edit and design your pic or image – 1500 x 500 pixels
  • Pin a tweet to the top of your profile to make it easy for followers to see what you’re all about
  • Avoid using automated direct messages (DM) to thank users for following. Instead send them a tweet welcoming them and invite them to connect to your other social media channels (LinkedIn, Google+, etc) or subscribe to your eNewsletter, include the link to your sign-up page
  • Tweets have a life of about 10 minutes so tweet regularly for better visibility and engagement
  • Use Hootsuite, Buffer and WordPress plugins to schedule and automate your posts
  • Become a resource to others by retweeting (RT) industry influencers and meaningful content
  • Use hastags (#) to link related tweets. Hashtags mark keywords and topics linking them together
  • An example tweet to promote a blog post or content on your website is as follows: Title of blog or content, direct link to blog/content, #category or keyword of blog/content, attach an image or video
  • Follow others to gain follow backs. Unfollow those that do not follow you back
  • Use lists to group together types of users or subjects

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