Optimising Content for Mobile Devices

Tips to optimise your content marketing for mobile devices

Mobile devices






  • Ensure your content is responsive
  • Offer pertinent information first, then further reading
  • Keep information concise or break up long-form content into smaller digestible bits
  • Include a powerful, attention-grabbing headline
  • Use article lead-ins to summarise the key points of your content as the first paragraph
  • Utilise layouts that include tappable elements to maximise your calls to action
  • Use big fonts that are easy to read
  • Include visuals and video wherever possible
  • Focus on local content for enhanced SEO
  • Use Google Analytics to understand the keywords your mobile visitors use to find your site
  • Optimise web forms for mobile – only ask for required information
  • Be touch friendly – increase the space between touch targets within your content
  • Add alt-tags for pictures – users regularly block downloading images to save bandwidth
  • Avoid fixed-sized items likes tables that may not display correctly across all devices
  • Consider a mobile app for your site/business
  • Ensure social media follow buttons are prominently displayed on mobile

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