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Marketing vocabulary






Automation: using online programs and applications to automate your marketing, such as pre-scheduling social media posts, email content creation, etc

Black hat SEO: SEO techniques that should be avoided as they are deceptive in nature and frowned upon by search engines. They involve aggressively targeting search results rather than providing genuine relevant content for viewers

Campaign: a coordinated series of marketing activities to promote a product through different mediums

Content marketing: creating and sharing relevant and beneficial information to attract, acquire, engage and retain a target market

CRO: conversion rate optimisation > better converting to sales/customers existing traffic to your website

Earned media: (free media) publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising, includes: shares, mentions, retweets and reposts

eDM: electronic direct/digital mail > emails generally in the form of a newsletter

Hashtag: a label or tag used on social media which connects posts with a common theme or subject

Inbound marketing: marketing activities that earns the attention of customers and brings visitors in. Inbound marketing activities include: building external links to your website, blogs, social media marketing, SEO, video, etc

Keywords: words specifically related to your product, service or industry that people would use to find you in a search query

Landing page: a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an optimised search result or online ad. The landing page will usually display sales copy that is an extension of the search result, ad or link

Long-tail phrases: a phrase of three or more keywords

Microsite: a small complimentary website designed to function as a supplement to a primary website. A microsite is usually dedicated to a specific offer or campaign and a better way to explore a product or service than navigating a full website

Organic search: listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms. These are not paid advertisements

Owned media: communication channels that are in your control, includes: websites, blogs, email and social media pages

Paid media: publicity gained through advertising, includes: PPC advertising, display ads, remarketing and social ads

Post: to publish a message to an online location, such as a blog, social media or forum

PPC: pay per click > only pay when a user clicks on your online advertising

Remarketing: showing ads to users who have previously visited your website

Segmentation: a marketing strategy which divides a broad target market into subsets of consumers or businesses who have common needs, interests and priorities, then designing marketing strategies to specifically target each subset

SEM: search engine marketing > the promotion of your website by increasing their visibility in search results through paid advertising

SEO: search engine optimisation > optimising your online presence to increase your ranking performance in a search query

SERP: search engine results pages > the list of results returned from a search engine from a search query

SMI: search marketing integration > looks at a variety of online marketing tactics to improve your search ranking. Includes SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC advertising and link building

URL: uniform resource locator > an address to a resource on the internet

User-generated content (UGC): any media, such as posts, blogs, photos, videos, etc, created by the user of an online system or service usually shared via social media

White hat SEO: creating content for users, not for search engines. SEO tactics that follows search engine rules and policies



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