Tips for maximising engagement on LinkedIn

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Personal profiles

  • Choose a vanity URL – customise your LinkedIn URL. ie:
  • Set your profile to public
  • Use a professional-looking and well-produced head shot as your profile picture
  • Message contacts who view your profile or endorse you for skill to build connections and reinforce relationships
  • Customise your profile by using the header image. Images should be 1400×425 pixels. Use to crop and edit your images
  • Always complete the fields: Location, Industry and Contact details – again this builds your SEO and helps people find you within LinkedIn itself
  • Complete a summary for each position and optimise for SEO by including the location and keywords related to your expertise
  • Build your credibility by asking for endorsements and recommendations from colleagues. Do the same in return
  • Share your colleagues’ profiles to your network to build connections
  • Find classmates and join groups to widen your network

Business pages

  • Complete all of the above as relevant to your business
  • Embed your keywords throughout your page to maximise SEO
  • Ensure the consistency of your brand across your social media channels by using the same logo and imagery
  • Check your profile in multiple browsers to ensure it displays how it should. Make any edits where necessary
  • Learn how to use and interact with groups then create you own
  • You have the option to follow instead of connecting with influencers and other businesses in your industry
  • Use the option to share your posts to your Twitter account to cross-polinate
  • The Share an Update feature is for short messages
  • The Share a Post feature is for publishing your blog or other content. Include an image and add tags
  • Encourage staff to engage and share with your business page
  • Prepare a content plan to outline what, when and how often you will publish and share content
  • Publish your content/blog daily. Test and refine¬†which times of day and what types of content get the most engagement from your network
  • Use the app to aggregate relevant content to share¬†if you can’t always create your own
  • Avoid being overly sales-y, aim to share your knowledge and expertise. Only one in ten posts should be a sales message

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