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  • Determine a style-guide, social media policy and communication guidelines and ensure they are adhered to
  • Know your ideal customer and post content relevant to them
  • Inject your business’ keywords and hashtags into all content
  • Posts between 6-9pm weekdays receive the most engagement
  • Encourage customers and visitors to check-in to your business by offering incentives such as sales discounts. Check-ins create inbound links to your website and builds to your SEO
  • Leverage staff to get involved in marketing your business. Create role-based profiles for your staff so they can produce and share the business’ content at different times of the day. The more engagement your business profile receives, the more Facebook will share your content to a wider audience, which leads to even greater engagement
  • Invite friends and others to Like your page
  • Like, follow and interact with your customers, industry influencers and competitors in other regions
  • Piggy-back on hashtags and trending topics eg: events and holidays seasons to increase visibility in search queries
  • Use emoticons in posts for increased interaction
  • Shorter posts get better engagement
  • Ask for shares, comments and likes. Tell your viewers what to do
  • Pictures, videos, infographics and links increase interaction
  • Ask questions, run a poll and use quizzes to generate engagement
  • Post content daily. The average post has a life of only 1.5-hours so post multiple times a day. Use Facebook’s schedule post feature to automate the posting process
  • Use Woobox to embed your other social media channel streams as tabs to your Facebook business page
  • Encourage visitors to your Facebook page to subscribe to your business newsletter or to receive updates by adding a newsletter subscription tab
  • Customise menus and tabs to suit your business. Label the tabs with a call-to-action, events, reviews, images etc
  • Post albums of your business’ products and services. Be sure to embed your logo in the corner of your images and include metadata descriptions for each image
  • Include videos. Also host these videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest
  • Use the Notes tab/feature to share your blog posts
  • Repurpose your marketing content from your website across your social media channels multiple times a day to build your SEO
  • Tell your business’ story while incorporating emotion in your business’ marketing and news
  • Use Facebook Analytics to manage pages, administrators, users, advertising, conversion tracking, etc
  • It is considered best practice to only include one sales message in every ten posts. Sales will be achieved organically through greater engagement


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