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  • Email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers by reminding them about the products and services you provide; supplying useful information that helps them solve a problem; and encouraging repeat business with relevant and targeted offers
  • Staying in regular contact with existing and potential customers is a great way to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness
  • Always include a call-to-action – tell your viewers what you want them to do – ie: subscribe, click here, buy now, etc
  • 7 out of 10 businesses use email to offer customers coupons and discounts
  • Set-up automated emails to welcome new subscribers, customers and friends of your business
  • 12.30pm Thursday is the best time to send marketing emails to encourage the best open rates
  • Subject lines with 10 or less characters are generally opened more often
  • Include your business name in the subject line and explain what’s in the email – ie: #perthmarketing Update – MarketingWest
  • Change the subject line and resend your emails two-days later to those who do not open your original communication
  • Be mindful that the preview pane in email programs is 300 x 300 pixels in size and that images do not automatically display – optimise this area when creating your email to encourage customers to open and read your email
  • The maximum width of email display is 600 pixels and 430 pixels on mobile – ensure your content fits these parameters and is responsive to correctly adjust to the device being used to view your email
  • Continue to test, measure and refine your subject lines; days of the week and times of the day you send your email communications; personalisation features; and the offers or call-to-actions you provide to find which elements encourage the most sales or conversions
  • Set-up a test list of email addresses from different email platforms – such as: gmail, outlook, hotmail, etc – to test how your email displays in each and tweak where necessary
  • Use the Open link checker tool to check any links you include in your email are working correctly
  • Encourage email sign-ups by having a subscribe option on all your business’ touch-points – ie: social media channels, website, signature block, etc. Offering a free gift is a great way to exchange contact details with potential customers
  • Abide by the Spam Act and only email those who have explicitly opted-in to receive your marketing communications
  • Ensure you include social sharing buttons – ie: forward to a friend, share to social media and follow on social media buttons – to encourage wider interaction with your brand and distribution of your content and offers
  • Include your business’ contact details in the email footer
  • Correct or follow-up any bounces
  • Implement an email marketing strategy around customer touch-points – ie: welcome new subscribers/followers; thank customers following a purchase; follow-up customers who haven’t made a purchase after a set period of time; send messages on their birthdays; offer a discounted rate for repeat purchase at the end of the original product’s life; etc
  • Use automation tools to convert your website content – ie: blog or RSS – to a regular email update
  • You can also use automation tools to share links to your emails across your social media platforms for increased reach

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