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  • You must implement a newsletter to promote your products to your database
  • Establish a lead capture tool on your website, such as a subscribe pop-up, to build your database of potential customers
  • Build trust in your site by including a SSL security certificate ($100/year) on your website and implement it across your whole site, not just the shopping cart page
  • Include thorough product descriptions to assist with search
  • WooCommerce is an excellent eCommerce solution for WordPress websites
  • Ensure you include an abandoned shopping cart plugin like WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite so that you can either email the shopper with an offer to continue with the purchase or remembers the shopping cart when the customer returns to your site
  • Include a list of recommended products and/or also viewed products to encourage more sales
  • Set-up a series of autoresponder emails to customers following a transaction with promotional messages such as: ‘You bought this so you might also be interested in these’, 10% off your next purchase, etc
  • Work your database. Sell to your existing customers ie: target offers to current customers
  • Traditional offline sales principles are still the same, just apply them to your eCommerce website
  • Implement remarketing advertising. Remarketing works by keeping track of the people who visit your site through browser cookies. The cookie will let your remarketing provider know to serve your remarketing ads to your site visitors as they visit other websites
  • Ensure you have an easy checkout facility. You must be able to take payment online. Use the Stripe plugin to accept credit card payment. Stripe is a great alternative to PayPal as it keeps customers on your site
  • Provide a one-click purchase process
  • Use the tripwire marketing principle, aka a lead magnet, to convert a lead to a customer using a low-cost, entry-level offer so that you can up-sell them at a later date
  • Reduce road blocks to purchase by limiting the amount of choice you offer a customer. Customers often become confused when presented by too much choice and will abandon a sale
  • Include videos to demonstrate products and assist the purchase decision
  • Themeforest offers pre-built websites that include a theme, eCommerce and demo content, etc

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