Conversion Rate Optimisation

Tips for converting your website traffic to action or sales (CRO)

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  • Audit pages titles and descriptions to ensure they are found by the search engines. Use tools such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Audit your call-to-actions (CTA). Do they tell visitors exactly what you want them to do? Have you included multiple CTA’s down each page ie: see more, request a quote and buy now
  • Only 30% of your traffic comes to your site via the homepage, don’t just advertise on your homepage
  • Use Google Analytics to monitor where visitors are bouncing from your site, how visitors are flowing through your site and what pages users are engaging with
  • Optimise your conversion funnel – place advertising and key messages where people are clicking through
  • Set goals and event tracking in Google Analytics for actions such as quote request, newsletter subscription and sales then measure and optimise accordingly
  • Identify the time lag ie: how long between conversion, and consider a remarketing strategy
  • Add the Google Map code on your contact us page
  • Include your operating hours on your Google Business page
  • Add share buttons to your blog
  • Include a subscribe to newsletter button in a prominent location on each page, such as the menu bar or in the header or footer
  • Send traffic from online advertising to landing page/s, NOT the home page
  • Keep call-to-actions above the fold ie: the portion of the web page that is visible in the web browser when it first loads
  • More of your web traffic is coming from mobile devices, ensure your website uses responsive design
  • Help visitors to feel comfortable using your e-commerce site and build authority by including trust signals such as an SSL certificate; extended validation (EV); company address and land-line phone number; social media channels; Visa and MasterCard icons; and company policies
  • Offer free shipping; no-hassle returns policy; video demonstrations; testimonials and a chat feature to aid the buying process
  • Use A/B testing to analyse features such as the colour of buttons; the text on buttons and images, etc to see which convert the most traffic
  • Include a clickable phone number to assist visitors to contact you
  • Check the following elements of your website as they are common reasons for visitors to bounce from a website: slow page load time; too much text; ineffective search function; too many ads; pic file sizes are too large; no customer service options; lack of trust signals; failure to show out-of-stock items and no FAQs
  • Use Google’s In-Page Analytics to see where visitors are clicking ie: what buttons are getting engagement
  • Use Google’s Site Speed Analytics to identify any pages that are lagging or take too much time to load
  • Consider your website design. How does your site display across devices? Have you researched the elements of a successful landing page for your industry? Have you reduced the number of fields visitors are required to complete? Have you removed unnecessary distractions? Etc
  • Optimise your website copy by using the following techniques: clearly defined benefits; create urgency to purchase; appeal to emotion; tell a story; and use fear-of-missing-out (FOMO)
  • Have you included images and videos? These illicit the best ROI results

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