Sales techniques

Use sales promotions to advertise, gather customer data and stimulate sales.

Specials / discounts / premiums – encourage sales and new customers to trial your product by offering a reduced price for a set period of time. Alternatively, offer additional product for the original price – ie: 20% extra free or 2-for-1 etc.

Referral programs – offer rewards to customers who introduce new customers to your business.

Loyalty programs – customers receive points or credits on purchases to redeem them for rewards. This encourages customers to make repeat purchases of your products.

Competitions / contests – offer prizes to customers who purchase your products and provide their contact and biographical details.

Free trials / samples – encourage future sales by offering free trial or sample of your products. Swap a free sample for customer’s details that you can use for future marketing communications.

Coupons – target your ideal customers by strategically placing your coupons in media they access.

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