The basics

A list of FREE (or very low cost) DIY marketing tools that you can implement NOW!

Logo – get a professional looking logo created cheaply using Freelancer.

Business cards – NEVER leave the house without them! Get a professional design created cheaply through Freelancer. Design you own and/or get them printed for next to nothing using Vistaprint.

Email signature block – be sure to include your new logo. As with your other stationery, include all your contact information including a link to your email sign-up and social media buttons.

Stationery – spend some time creating your business’ stationery using your new logo. Create templates for letterhead, tax invoices, envelopes, with compliments slips and the like. This little bit of effort will project a professional image of your business and brand. Officeworks or Vistaprint will print everything you need at little expense.

Website – it may seem daunting but you can certainly build and manage your own website for free using WordPress. Think about the type and style of content you wish to include on your site and choose from hundreds of free WordPress themes to build your site. The majority of themes are fully customisable – you can upload your own logo and change the colours to suit your brand – and responsive – are easily viewed on both desktop and mobile devices. There are many how-to videos on YouTube and free tutorials are regularly held around Perth.

*We assume that you have already purchased your Domain Name (internet address) however contact one of the accredited registrars if you still need to register your business’ domain name. Registration starts from $9.99/year with a two-year minimum for domain names.

SEO / search engine optimisation – increase your website’s visibility by having it rank highly in a search engine. Include meaningful and relevant content (such as blogs) on your website, incorporate (key) words and phrases that your audience are likely to use to search for businesses/services like yourself and build backlinks (links to external sites) into your site to increase your visibility in search activity. Check out our SEO page for tips to increase your search ranking.

Social media set up free pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. But do a bit of research first and find the platforms best suited to your type of business and the one your ideal customers engage with the most. However, DO NOT create business profiles unless you intend to fully engage with these pages and can monitor them regularly.

Google My Business – register your business on Google My Business (replaces Google Places) which connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.

Database – keep a record of all your business’ customers, prospects, stakeholders and friends so that you can communicate and market to them. This can be as simple as keeping an Excel Spreadsheet or using low-cost CRM (customer relationship management) programs like Zoho CRM and HubSpot.

eDM / Email direct marketing – keep in touch with your business’ customers, prospects, stakeholders and friends through email. Keep them informed about your business, provide special offers/discounts and impart bits of information that will help them. Mailchimp will help you design and send your email campaign for free, up to 2,000 subscribers. Ensure you have a subscribe feature on your website, email signature block, eDM and social media channels and include a call-to-action to subscribe on your business cards and stationery.

Blogging – publish a regular blog on your website that tells a story about your business, explains your business’ activities, shares how-to information to educate and help your readers or a combination of all three. You can add a WordPress blog to any html website if you are not already using a WordPress supported site.

Forums – position yourself and business as an expert and subject matter authority by commenting on industry forums.

Referrals – ask your customers to refer their friends if they were happy with your product or service.

Networking – attend networking and business events to promote your business and meet potential customers. Find networking groups in your area through your local Business Association and sites such as MeetUp. Get professional name badges produced for your staff that include your logo to assist acquaintances to remember and recall their names.

Video – its never been cheaper or easier to create video content around your business. Video viewership continues to grow rapidly and is the future of content marketing. Use videos to demonstrate products, introduce staff, give your brand personality, educate prospective customers, show off your premises, showcase an event, the list goes on. Video helps your SEO, is easily shareable and facilitates the buying process.

Podcasting – is a series of audio or digital radio episodes subscribed to, downloaded from or streamed online. Podcasting integrates with your other digital marketing as you can reference your social media channels, encourage subscriptions to your enewsletter, discuss your recent blog posts, mention other online activity and of course, promote your business’ current marketing campaigns and key messages. Podcasts can be made and published for free and added to your RSS feed so your subscribers will receive any new episodes automatically.

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