POS / Point of sale – in-store advertising includes visual displays and targeted merchandising, strategic placement – ie: at the end of aisles, near checkouts etc, posters, advertising on shopping trolleys, PA (public address) and video displays and pricing labels.

Direct Mail – is a form of advertising that allows businesses to communicate directly with the customer and includes email and traditional mail. This form of advertising relies on the business having a database of customers to target for a campaign, mail pieces are addressed directly to the customer and, the mail piece contains a specific call-to-action. Direct mail campaigns should be measurable and results identifiable.

Mobile / SMS – mobile advertising is delivered to a consumer through their mobile device using SMS, Apps (applications) or a business’ free wifi.

Online / Digital – online or internet advertising uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to consumers and includes social media advertising, search engine marketing, retargeting and display advertising including pop-ups and banner advertising.

Print / Press – print advertising refers to any advertising in the printed form and includes advertising in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and classifieds. A weekly 1/8-page advert in the community newspaper network can be as little as $253(incl) per week when purchased as part of a yearly package. All ad creative and design is included in the package.

OOH / Out of home – out-of-home advertising targets consumers outside of their home and includes static and mobile billboards, advertising on the sides of public transport and on taxis, hot air balloons on the rooves of buildings, advertising on street furniture such as bus stops, aerial advertising – ie: skywriting, blimps and aircraft towing banners, digital screens at sporting grounds and events, and bulletin boards – usually on freeways and major intersections.

Radio – radio ads are typically very short audio grabs and are only suitable for certain types of content.

TV – the majority of tv advertising consists of brief visual promotional spots ranging in length from a couple of seconds to a minute and several minutes for infomercials, and promote a range of goods and services. Packages of 60 x 15-second ads across 6-weeks with a prime network can start at $12,450 +gst. All ad creative and design is included in the package.

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